About Us

Silver Arrow Jewellery is a Canadian online jewellery store that specializes in chic, stylish and on-trend gold and silver jewellery, available at competitive and accessible price points.

Our philosophy is that an outfit is never quite complete without the perfect piece of jewellery.  From rings and pendants, to earrings and bracelets, we have hundreds of styles and designs to help you put the perfect look together, for each and every occasion.      

Whether your style is polished and classic, sophisticated and elegant, whimsical and bohemian or chic and avant-guard, we have an assortment of designs and collections that you will love. 

Hopeless romantics at heart, our specialty is celebrating love in all its beautiful forms.  From Birthdays and Valentine's Day to Christmas and Anniversaries, we've got you covered.  And of course, let's not forget our favourite celebration of all!  Weddings and engagements!  Our carefully curated selection of engagement rings and wedding bands allow you to make an unforgettable statement during life's most special occasions.    

At Silver Arrow Jewellery we believe in fashion as one of the highest forms of self-expression.  That's why all our collections are expertly sourced from around the globe to help you express your personal style, celebrate your individuality and make every outfit your very own.

Purple, our signature colour, is the most enigmatic of all colours - a combination of exciting red and calming blue.  Like the Silver Arrow brand and the collections we represent, purple is the perfect marriage of energy and vibrance, with tranquility and fluidity.  Purple is the colour of creativity, passion, magic and mystery.  It’s un-conventional, charismatic, alluring and expressive.  Different and unusual, it radiates and fascinates.  The colour of elegance, style, spirit and individuality, purple embodies the truly unique essence of Silver Arrow Jewellery.

The Silver Arrow Jewellery team travels regularly to the most important jewellery trade shows around the world, where trends are set and fashions are created.  Some of these chic and iconic cities include New York, Las Vegas, Vicenza, Milan and Los Angeles ... just to name a few.  Like us, all of our partners and suppliers are industry experts, constantly innovating, dreaming and crafting great designs.  They are celebrated and recognized for creating truly unique collections at highly competitive price points.

As Canadian manufacturers, many of our products are proudly designed and created locally in our very own factory in Calgary, AB.  No middle man or distributor means you always benefit from the best prices and you always receive the most value.  This also allows us to offer extensive customization options to meet your unique tastes.  So let us know what you have in mind and we'd love to help you express your individuality with a personalized design.     

At Silver Arrow Jewellery, we flow and evolve with the changing seasons, working closely with our local designers, brands and suppliers to consistently offer fresh new pieces and one-of-a-kind collections that are on point with the the latest colour and style trends.

From necklaces, bracelets and rings, to pendants, earrings and sets, Silver Arrow Jewellery has everything you need to accessorize your look from head to toe.