Wedding Band Comfort Fit 5MM Wide 10kt Yellow Gold

Express your love to one another with these classic half round Wedding Bands for Ladies and Gents. This 5MM Band is available in all sizes. Made in 10kt Yellow Gold. (but available by request in in 14kt. or 18kt gold). See other similar styles, from 2MM to 6MM wide, in yellow or white gold. If a different ring size is needed, or you prefer a larger width than 6MM (7MM, 8MM, 9MM, or 10MM), please contact us directly for pricing, delivery time and availability. 

As manufacturers, we are proud to offer the largest selection of classic Wedding Bands online with more selection in terms of sizing, width, karats, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold - in order to meet your preferences and requests! All at the lowest prices! for the highest quality!

Choose yours for the everlasting memorable day!


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