Glass Eye Studio - Dichroic Egg Crystal Opal

Celebrate spring and all creation of life with these sparkling egg weights.  Brilliant colors meld with dichroic glass to create this breathtaking collection of treasures. Available in ten beautiful themes. Approximately 2 1/2 tall. The Glass Eye Studio products are made using ash from Mount St. Helens (in Washington state) volcano eruption at 8:32:17 A.M. on Sunday, May 18, 1980.

All glass products from Glass Eye Studio are hand made and individually crafted by artists. A blend of opal colours, imagination, art and creativity, this Glass Eye Studio paperweight egg reveals mystery and beauty. Hold it in your hand and the slightest move of your wrist will have a special effect on this dichroic glass egg as it has on all Glass Eye Studio paperweights as they change colour when they reflect or transmit light.

It makes a wonderful gift for both personal and corporate occasions, or it can be the perfect addition to your own Glass Eye Studio Collection.  

Make it yours . Warning! Not safe for omelet!

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