Glass Eye Studio - Environmental Lightning Strike


Enjoy one of nature’s most destructive and amazing spectacles in the palm of your hand with our Lightning Strike paperweight.

A stunning paperweight and/or decorative piece of art, The Environmental Lightning Strike Paperweight is part of the Environmental Collection.  It makes a wonderful gift for both personal and corporate occasions, or it can be the perfect addition to your own Glass Eye Studio Collection.  

3" wide in diameter, it comes in a beautiful velvet keepsake box with a story card that tells its unique tale.  A blend of imagination, science, art and creativity, this Glass Eye Studio Environmental Paperweight is fascinating.  There is a special effect on this dichroic glass that makes it change colour when it reflects or transmits light.  

All Glass Eye Studio products are handmade and individually crafted by artists.  They are made with the ash from Mount St. Helens volcano eruption (in Washington state) that occurred at 8:32:17 A.M. on Sunday, May 18, 1980.

A lightning strike is an electric discharge between the atmosphere and an earth-bound object. They mostly originate on the ground and terminate in the thundercloud, called ground to cloud lightning. Upward propagating lightning is initiated from a tall grounded object and reaches into the clouds. About 25% of all lightning events worldwide are ground to cloud. The bulk of lightning events are intracloud or cloud to cloud, where discharges only occur high in the atmosphere. Some lightning strikes go from cloud to ground. Nice to watch it...from a distance!


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